QuikSCAT Ocean Wind Vectors (12.5km Swath Grid)


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Название продукта : QuikSCAT Ocean Wind Vectors (12.5km Swath Grid)

Идентификатор продукта : QSCAT_L2B12

Доступ: Открытый

Источники данных: NOAA

Платформы: QUIKSCAT

Инструменты: SEAWINDS

Уровень обработки: L2



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PDF Version: QSUG_v3.pdf


The SeaWinds on QuikSCAT Level 2B ocean vector winds in 12.5 km wind vector cell (WVC) swaths contain daily data from ascending and descending passes. The local time at the equator for the ascending node is 0600 +/- 30 minutes; the local time at the equator for the descending node is 1800 +/- 30 minutes. Wind vectors are accurate to within 2 m/s (vector speed) and 20 degrees (vector direction). Rain flags are provided for each wind vector cell to assist in identifying potential rain contamination. Wind vectors are set to a value of '0' when within 20 km of land/ice boundaries or where there is ambiguous or non-existent measurements available.. This data utilizes the recalibrated model function called the QSCAT-1/F13 processing algorithm, adopted in July of 2006.

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