Maps of Absolute Dynamic Topography - Near Real Time Data


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Название продукта : Maps of Absolute Dynamic Topography - Near Real Time Data

Идентификатор продукта : AVISO_NRT_MADT_MERGED_H

Доступ: Открытый

Источники данных:

Платформы: JASON-1 ENVISAT ERS-1 ERS-2 Platforms: OSTM/Jason-2 Platforms: TOPEX/POSEIDON


Уровень обработки:



Содержит информацию как по дневному, так и по ночному времени.


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Ссылка на оригинал : AVISO.OCEANOBS

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Gridded product, provided in delayed time. As a snapshot, each map represents the sea state for a given day. One level of resolution is available (1/3°x1/3°, Mercator grid), but this product is also provided in a second version that is resampled on a 1/4°x1/4° cartesian grid (really destinated to users confused by the Mercator grid). The NRT data are delivered daily with a 6-day delay, a 3-day delay and a 0-day delay within a few months at most, from the latest update of the DT products to today.

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